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Issues to Address

Some of the technology tools and processes discussed below are already being used in other communities in the region. Strategic partnerships with these regions will not only help reduce implementation timelines but will also help us build efficiencies to avoid unnecessary costs in the adoption of similar tools and processes.

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Maximize Citizen Engagement in Decision-Making.

Hearing from citizens should be one of the top priorities for city councils and engaging all citizens across the city in the decision-making process, especially for future developments, is how we will continue to improve our city.

Ways to do this:

  • Utilize city-wide, equal precinct, neighborhood, and county (Dallas and Polk) representation on new and existing citizen committees and commissions resulting in broader participation in solutions.

  • Build better transparency across initiatives in Clive with strategic utilization of technology.  This will be especially important as we look to revitalize or redevelop existing commercial corridors.

Optimize the Greenbelt and Improve Sustainable Growth

Clive must continue development and improve the accessibility of the Greenbelt and connected parks, while ensuring that it is available and enticing to all of Clive’s residents, regardless of age, abilities, language, or location within Clive. 

  • As we redevelop commercial corridors, it will be vital that we look for opportunities to tie the Greenbelt to commercial areas and tie new parks and the Greenbelt to new multi-use developments as well as single and multi-family developments and retirement communities.

  • Utilize less than ideal recreational green spaces for other initiatives, focusing on renewable energy and sustainability-oriented initiatives.

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Citizen Engagement
Green Belt
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Strengthen Technology for Future Growth 

We must prioritize Clive’s infrastructure and make more resources available to its residents through:

  • Increasing transparency while protecting resident/community confidentiality and data;

  • Optimizing engagement of all Clive residents; and

  • Making Clive more attractive to commercial enterprises.

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